Custom House Designer: Architectural vs Ready Made House Plans

custom house designer

Custom House Designer: Architectural vs Ready Made House Plans

If you are planning to build a house there are three things you can do: 1. Hire an architect and work with professionals, 2. Hire a custom house designer and work with professionals or 3. Make your own plan and work with professionals. It is your choice whether you hire someone or just whim it the way you like it. You might be thinking that hiring an architect or a custom house designer is expensive but look ahead, yes they might be expensive right now but working with them will assure you that your home is free from unexpected damages. If you choose to go with what you want make sure that you are prepare to pay for all the things needed to be added or repaired in the future that will surely cost you more than hiring home building architects.

When choosing between two things you should always compare both pros and cons and weigh out which of the two are you most comfortable with or willing to risk getting involved with. One might be expensive yet reassuring while the other might be cheaper but nothing is guaranteed. You should always remember that everything is a risk; you just need to make sure that you are willing to risk with the option you are choosing.

custom house designer

Here are the differences between architectural vs ready-made house plans:


  • Higher level of flexibility found with buying a stock house plan. They are readily available and easily accessible.
  • Budget friendly and flexible to alterations
  • No hidden costs found with making adjustments. You search through numerous plans with varying features to find the perfect plan; therefore, the likelihood of making changes may be slimmer
  • Customizable features found with some building plans publishers, such as our professional staff and on-hand architect at Monster House Plans.
  • Time saving! Purchasing a house plan shortens the amount of time it takes to acquire the plan itself.

The most common and traditional way is buying a home and then do some renovations to make it more of your style or fits within your needs or at least close to it. Others decide to build their dream home rather than buying one. Customizing your home, from your vision to reality is a different kind of feeling although there is nothing wrong with both options. But of course, building up or buying a new home is possibly one of the most exciting, sensitive and satisfying endeavours you might experience. It is an important decision for anyone to make. However, the customers start to purchase the property looking for renovation. Soon, they will realize that they should hire either a custom house designer or architect to develop a home building design from scratch. The budget issues crop up shortly and the homeowner has to shutdown many ideas and desires in order to cut down the cost.

Always remember that when you opt for designing your home from scratch, it takes a lot of effort, a considerable amount of time and possibly costly from the engineering firm and you many back and forth conversations and idea will be done which can also be stressful. However, purchasing ready-made house plans and having a house built to those specifications requires far fewer costs and time. Again, choose what is best for you and what risks are you willing to take.


  • Architects will consult with you in person and draft based on your descriptions.
  • They may add unique flair to certain elements of the house (Although these features usually increase the cost of building the home)
  • Can design with building materials in mind when possible

However, all the advantages of consulting with an Architect can be equalized depending on where you purchase the house plan. For example, Monster House Plans maintains relationships with licensed architects and designers that you can contact if you should have any questions.

You first need to know what exactly an architect does to determine whether you need an architect or not. Sometimes, architects develop designs, select the building materials and manage the entire project. If this part alone you are not sure on what to do, on how to do things or what materials to use then you are in need of an architect. They may limit themselves only to the design process or help people change existing blueprints for renovations. Their part is crucial to from planning to construction even after the construction is done. They spend most of their time visiting building site and observing the work that is going on to ensure the quality of the structures meets certain regulations and expectations. They will also consider how the building will look in contrast with the landscapes.

An architects’ responsibility is far from just planning and drawing up your house plan and become a normal custom house designer. To help develop a home that meets your needs, architects will ask about your lifestyle, such as how often you entertain, if you need a home office, if you have children and pets, and what design elements you dislike in houses.

But do you really need an architect? What if I want an architectural home design? No need to worry, many contractors will employ architects or a custom house designer themselves to help with custom houses so you do not necessarily hire an architect. That said, there is a scenario when you should have an architect: when the customization is getting designed into a specific or unique property.


Here at Q Architect we do not only have custom house designers but we also have residential interior designers based in Sydney. We offer numerous architectural related services and guarantees smooth and professional transaction every time. You do not need to look far, we only hire highly skilled employees and with our years of experience we can assure you the best results in the need that is worth your money and time.

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