9 Best Things About Architectural Home Design

Architectural Home Design

9 Best Things About Architectural Home Design

The planning stage of building your new home is the most important and usually takes longer than what you are expecting. The planning stage can be from months to years and is continuous even during and after the building process. The floor plan is the main concern during the planning stage and you can either buy ready made plans or hire an architect and build an architectural home design. You might be thinking that buying a ready-made floor plan and adjusting it to your liking will save you money than hiring an actual architect. It would likely be the case but there are a lot of cases that when you present your floor plan with your contractor, they will opt to hire an outside counsel and that would be an architect to make sure that your plan is within its limitations and follow state regulations and if this happen you are more likely to spend more than hiring a building architect from the start. So what option is the best? It actually depends on your liking and approach to your project but let me tell you why architectural home design might serve more advantages than ready-made plans.



A house designed by an Architect incorporates appropriate room sizes and efficient circulation, resulting in a house where all the spaces optimize the functions to be accommodated. This is where the real value can be added by an experienced architect:

  • The Living spaces can be sized to suit all of the family, the bedrooms can be adjusted for single or double occupation,
  • The kitchen and dining areas can be planned to suit the owners cooking and entertaining requirements.
  • Rooms are the appropriate size so that money is not wasted on spaces that are overly large or too small to be useful


Since an architectural home design is an individual design, the house is designed to be site specific and to respond to the context. This includes the shape of the lot, the slope of the land, the views that may be available and any existing neighbouring buildings. Hiring an architect will make sure that you are able to maximize the views that may be available over water or to distant vistas with large window openings. By making appropriate adjustment to the fall, the construction costs can be reduced and indoor/outdoor relationships facilitated.  An architectural home design will make provision for privacy from adjacent neighbours and the street.


An architect will take into account the important environmental considerations when designing your house. By addressing these issues, your home building architects ensures a comfortable internal living environment, not too hot during the summer season and not too cold during the winter months and minimizes the cost of excessive energy consumption. Appropriate positioning of windows and other openings promotes cross ventilation utilizing the predominant winds and breezes. Materials can be selected that are both sustainable and minimize ongoing maintenance. The Architect will also ensure that appropriate insulation is provided in walls, floors, and roofs so that the house does not suffer from extremes of temperature during the varying seasons.


There is no doubt that an investment in a house is a long term proposition. In many cases it is the single largest expenditure that a person may undertake in their lifetime. The advantage with an Architect designed house is the higher capital gain that can be achieved over this longer term. Unique and individual houses are much sought after.

In most cases, there is almost no comparison between a standard house and a contextually suited, architecturally designed house on the market.

The unique design and higher quality of design resolution with the resulting distinct differences to a project home, all contribute to a higher capital gain. Therefore, while the initial investment may be higher, in the long term, this investment can be repaid many times over by the increased capital value.


If you are an individual who usually has a more routine lifestyle than a normal working person then an architectural home design is the best option for you. The normal house does not normally have a music room or a studio or a gym or maybe a barbecue patio but with a custom house designer this can all be possible just to accommodate your lifestyle. A ready-made floor plan can be an option as well but most likely you are going to change a lot of change from the sizes of the room, the location of the rooms and windows and entrances so it would be better to start from nothing until your dream is realize.


Again, this might be the single largest expenditure you will experience in your lifetime so make sure to protect all those savings, energy and time by investing on what is important no matter if they cost more in the beginning. Dreams like this cost much in the beginning but you will soon realize that it will all be worth it in the end.


A home designed to your every wish fits you like a glove.  Everything is enjoyable, without the problems you have had living in other people’s used homes that you have bought in the past. Simple! No need to further explain this one.


Don’t you think you deserve all those time saving, all those hard work and sacrifices? Every time you go home, you will see all the things you sacrificed for because you deserve it!


When working with architects for your home building design, you are assured that everything is safe, ethical and within state limitations and guidelines. You can sleep comfortably knowing that the person you entrusted with your home is someone who you know knows what they are doing so no need for constant worrying something might be wrong with your brand new home.


Q Architects is home to highly skilled home design architects Sydney and are professionally experienced in architectural home design. You are in safe hands. We work closely with every client and make sure to give out our professional advice to ensure that everything you want is included but still maintaining safety and class. A company who puts clients wants and need along with experience and professionalism is the company you want to build your house with.

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