Why CDC Council Approval Is More Important Than You Think

cdc council approval

Why CDC Council Approval Is More Important Than You Think

Whenever you undertake a construction project, there will always be legal paperwork or certifications that you must complete. One of these is a CDC Council Approval. Now, the question is: what exactly is this approval, and why is it required?

What is CDC (Complying Development Certificate) Approval?

CDC council approval is highly critical in starting a construction project. When a council or an accredited certifier conducts an expedited assessment of a straightforward development, they are referred to as complying development. Complying development includes both planning and construction approvals and can be determined through a fast-track assessment. Development that is in compliance with the law can include a wide range of activities such as the construction of a new dwelling house, alterations and additions to an existing house, the construction of new industrial buildings, the deconstruction and demolition of an existing building, and changes to the use of a commercial building.

CDC applications must be submitted only after the applicant has established that the proposal will comply with the planning controls and development standards that are applicable to the land and specific development type being considered for submission. For the purpose of determining which planning controls apply to the land, the applicant can submit an application to Council under Section 10.7 Certificate (previously known as Section 149 application).

The CDC Approval Process

Construction of residential homes and commercial businesses, as well as industrial development, can be subject to CDC Council Approval. It is much easier to get approval for a building project if it meets all of the requirements for Complying Development because your local council will not be required to review a full Development Application (DA). Once all required documentation is submitted, your approval will be granted much more quickly than if a Development Application (DA) and Construction Certificate (CC) were required.

Complying developments are subject to conditions of approval, which are intended to protect surrounding uses during the construction period and for the duration of the complying development’s existence. It is important to understand that when undergoing Complying Development, approvals can often be issued in as little as 5 – 20 days.

The following steps are taken in CDC Council Approval:

  • Application conforming Development Criteria for the council area in accordance with the applicable State Environmental Planning Policy;
  • The land titles search will look for any easements or encumbrances on the property.
  • Water Authority Plan
  • Certificate of Planning Approval No. 149
  • Building Code of Australia
  • BASIX requirements
  • Mandatory site inspection carried out by a Certifying Authority assesses factors such as foliage, access, and other site constraints.

Instances where CDC Council Approval is necessary:

  • Constructing a one and two-story home.
  • Constructing a granny flat or secondary residence.
  • Earthworks and structural support construction.
  • Constructing a fence.
  • Constructing a swimming pool.
  • Construction of waterway structures.
  • Subdivision of strata.
  • Demolition of a building.
  • Constructing a home-based business.
  • Taking down and pruning a tree.
  • Renovating a residence.
  • Temporary structures
  • Projects aimed to enhance fire safety.

How to Apply for CDC Online?

  1. To start your application, consult your local council regarding the application process for a CDC and the papers required to complete the application.
  2. Create an account on the NSW Planning Portal.
  3. To complete the online application, you must first log in. As well as a certificate of title, a site plan, design plans, and specifications for the building as well as any other documents requested by the council or certifier will be required.

If the Online CDC application service is not yet available in your area. That being the case, you can apply directly to your local council or search for an accredited certifier on the Register of Accredited Certifiers maintained by the Building Professionals Board.

CDC Criteria:

Complying Development Certificate can only be issued if:

  • It has been determined that the proposed development fully complies with the specific requirements and criteria for complying with development set out in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and Regulations, as well as the relevant planning instrument (SEPP or LEP). It has also been determined that the proposed development fully complies with the National Construction Code (BCA) and relevant Australian Standards.
  • Unless the proposed work meets all of the criteria, a Development Application must be submitted to and approved by Council, and a Construction Certificate (CC) must be obtained for any construction work.

Why are CDC Council Approvals Important Before Starting a Work?

Before carrying out any building work or changing the use of a building, you must obtain a CDC (or a DA and CC), unless the work or change is expressly authorized as Exempt Development.

To complete the necessary inspections of the work and issue the required Occupation Certificate, the owner or other person responsible for the development must appoint either the Accredited Building Certifier or the Council as a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA), which will be responsible for carrying out the necessary inspections and issuing the required Occupation Certificate. As a rule, applicants choose the same Accredited Building Certifier (or Council) that issued the CDC or CC to be the project’s primary certification authority.

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